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We accept simultaneous submissions. However, we request that you send a quick email ( if another publication accepts your work. Additionally, upon acceptance in Brazos River Review, please withdraw your pieces from other considerations.

We reserve First Serial and Electronic Rights to every piece we publish. Once your work is published, all rights are reverted to you. We retain no rights over your work. All submissions require your agreement to this policy.

If we publish your work, we may post extracts from it on our social media in future. If you want to deny us these re-publication rights, do let us know.

If your work is republished, please indicate its initial publication in Brazos River Review.

We want to read well-crafted work: stories that engage us and poems that surprise us.

Although not exclusively, we gravitate toward submissions that somehow feature the American Southwest. We place a special emphasis on the many unique voices heard in and around the Texas Triangle.

We are unlikely to be interested in pieces with gratuitously sexual or violent content. Furthermore, we will not publish writing that promotes hateful rhetoric.

If your submission is declined, please don’t be disheartened. The decision is not a reflection of the quality of the writing; oftentimes, we’re not quite the right fit. We truly appreciate every submission we receive.

While we ask that you submit only once per each volume, we will accept work from up to two categories at once. If you wish to submit items for two categories, please include all submissions in one (1) MS Word file titled [Last name] [First name].

We aim to respond within eight (8) weeks of your submission, but we try our best to respond sooner. If you happen to submit on a day when our workload is light, you could get a response the same day!

If you have not heard back from us after the eight-week mark, feel free to send us a query (

We are interested in poetry that engages us with descriptive images and lyrical sounds. We like poems that are written in free verse, blank verse, and other traditional forms equally. Submit up to six (6) poems in one Word document. We ask you to limit each poem to approximately 40 lines.

We accept works of prose under 2500 words. The word count is flexible, but please be gentle with us. We ask that you keep works of flash fiction under 500 words. Again, there is some wiggle room, but be gentle. Submit up to six (6) works of flash fiction or three (3) short stories or creative nonfiction pieces in an MS Word document.

We appreciate abstract and figurative art equally: drawings, paintings, digital art, photography, prints, mixed media, etc. We accept portfolios of up to six (6) pieces of visual art. Please submit images as high-resolution .PNG files titled [Last name] [First name] – [Title of Artwork] in a zip file.

We offer compensation to writers and artists in the form of a contributor’s copy that we will mail to you.

Due to the high price of international shipping, we are only able to mail the free contributor’s copy within the continental U.S.

Additionally, beginning with Volume Three, writers and artists published will also receive an honorarium of $10 USD as a small token of appreciation. This award will be paid through Venmo.

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