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Volume Two

Featuring surreal artwork by the ghost of your ex-lover; a blood-soaked “WOMEN WANT ME, FISH FEAR ME” trucker hat; the sketchiest gas station in San Antonio; a wild herd of man-eating horses; the Siberian Power Show Slapping Championship; blissful hill country mornings; and enough PBR to make your nana two-step. Hard copies are available to order. (Click here for the eBook.) 

Price: $24

Volume One

Featuring the corpse of Saint Francis in your dad’s barn; a townie named Moondog; a suburban mother’s first desert shootout; and a cyberactivist coalition of enchanted frogs seeking revenge. Hard copies are available to order. (Click here for the eBook.) 

Price: $24


We want it. You want it. It makes everyone’s wildest dreams come true. Get an authentic trucker hat adorned with the glorious BRR logo. Or some other stuff.  

Price: $25.38

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